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Checa el vídeo de Baio para el sencillo The Names

Vampire Weekend se encuentra en una especie de transición y es que Rostam Batmanglij abandonó la banda mientras que Ezra Koenig y Chris Tomson están en la campaña de Bernie Sanders y Baio esta promocionando su disco solista.

Ahora es el propio Baio quien ha compartido el vídeo del sencillo The Names y que pueden ver en la parte de abajo junto a una carta hablando del sencillo.

ast fall the image of a man walking around in a dinner jacket while holding a medical skull popped into my head. Why? Beats me! Your mind can take you to weird places. I’d wanted to take a stab at directing a music video for a while and thought “The Names” would be my chance.

I’ve lived in London for the past two and a half years and one thing I love about it is the green space. There’s so much of it. Crystal Palace Park in south London is the weirdest park I’ve ever been to with its huge dinosaur and gorilla statues. I thought it’d be the sort of place a man in a dinner jacket with a medical skull would hang out.

We also filmed in The George Tavern, a great pub in Shadwell. They told me Nick Cave’s performed there. I think that’s pretty cool!

On New Years Day, while I was nursing my hangover, I watched David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight tour film. In the performance of “Cracked Actor” he holds a skull that starts singing along. I had already finished editing this video but was really thrilled by the coincidence. In a roundabout way “The Names” is my tribute to David Bowie, my favorite artist of all time.

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